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Cycling club

Supra Cycling Club is organized around 4 core areas: relationships, empowerment, participation and savings. These core areas shape the values we offer the club in services, activities, and products. There are three options for membership to fit your desired level of engagement.

Membership Options

Affiliate Membership

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Regional Membership

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Performance Membership

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Enjoy relationships: We focus on club members, being equal, values, engaged, acknowledged, and connected to each other.


Feel Empowered: We focus on providing in-person learning experiences that will empower you for growth in knowledge, ability, and leadership skills in the sport. We also focus on providing educational content for training, nutrition, and health promotion.


Experience and participate: We focus on evaluating and selecting the best regional racing, touring, fondos, and fun events. We also help you prepare for racing and cycling events and provide support. We focus on finding ways to give back to the community and cycling community.


Access Savings: We focus on evaluating and negotiating members- only special pricing on merchandise, products, and services.
Cycling performance, nutrition, and wellness monthly newsletter
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1 Supra Bars Variety Box ($45 value)
Club Velocity jersey + Velocity bib shorts ($140 value)



  • Leadership is always available for questions and suggestions to ensure your membership is enjoyable and fulfilling
  • Monthly “Meet and Eat” for fellowship and club discussions
  • Leadership attends group rides for mentorship and support

Club Spotlight

  • Club intro, birthday spotlight, podiums, events, charity ride reports


  • Access to our club’s internal communication app
  • Access to our club’s Facebook members’ only group
  • Monthly newsletter containing upcoming events, member achievements, technical and nutritional content, and more


  • Club social events throughout the year


Growth in the sport

  • Training sessions for beginners, racers, ride leaders, skills and drills
  • General training/racing webinar

Mentorship Areas

  • Group rides
  • Racing
  • Fondos
  • Training

Leadership Opportunities

  • Community Projects; GVL WBL, A & B group ride leaders/marshals

Cycling performance, nutrition, and wellness education

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Sports nutrition webinar
  • General training guidelines webinar


Training sessions

  • Racing
  • Group riding skills
  • Ride leader
  • Skills and drills clinic

Support: Club scheduled races and events

  • Tent set-up
  • Nutrition
  • Race strategy guidance
  • Mechanic assistance

Community Projects

  • Adopt-A-Road Club Project
  • Greenville Winter Bike League



  • Special club pricing on fondo entries
  • Special team pricing on race entrees


  • Special pricing on Hincapie custom club clothing and special-order club kits
  • Special pricing on cycling products: BMC bikes, Winspace bikes, Chapter2 bikes, Rudy Project, Bont Shoes, Beetroot Pro, Endurance 360, Hyper Wheels, Cardini Defense


  • Special pricing on Cycling Performance Services: nutrition coaching, cycling coaching, lactate testing, bike fitting, personal yoga sessions, assisted stretch at Stretch Zone (Club sponsor)


Since our inception in 2015, Supra Cycling Club has grown each year. We started with a handful of friends who loved to ride together and have grown to 180 members to date. It is because of people like you that we continue to grow each year. Supra Cycling Club was organized by cyclists, Debbie Milne and Andrew Crater, with multiple masters national champion titles and masters world champion elite cyclists. Their mission is centered on providing an instructional setting for those who want to fine tune their riding skills, enjoy cycling experiences, and connect with a community who shares common interests in health, wellness, competition, and fellowship. We are excited to offer opportunities that will help you with your own goals- if you’d like to join us!


To build a cycling program that not only targets the competitive objectives of cycling but also cultivates the club level aspects of cycling for recreational and health-driven cycling enthusiasts. We hope to increase the number of individuals who understand the history and heritage of cycling both as a sport and as a valuable vehicle for physical activity, social connection, transportation, and overall well-being. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of educating cyclists in responsible and safe behaviors on the road.

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