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Supra Cycling Club

Supra Cycling Team Members

Driven to succeed

The Supra
Cycling club

Meet the Team

2021 Club Members

We are a diverse group of members – ranging from all ages, nationalities, occupations, and sports. Based out of Greenville, South Carolina, our group rides take place in one of the most beautiful riding areas in the country. If Supra Cycling Club sounds like a good fit, we would love for you to submit and application to join our team.

Photography by Shane Orr Photography

Kathryn Ambrose

Megan Bailey

Allyn Basore

Jake Bentley

Bob Grahn

Paul Harkins

Matt Harper

Alyssa Harris

Justin Johnson

CJ Kozlowski

Robert Lee

Eric Livingston

Jennifer Martin

Timothy McBride

Darrell McDonald

Jeff Mellor

Anthony Newman

Shane Orr

Kathryn Payne

Allison Pennell

Heath Pennell

Sharon Pipes

Zachary Rivenbark

Stephen Slingerland

Carley Sweeney

Steve Wheeler

Rick Williams

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